Key Speakers at MINEX Russia 2012 Forum

Temir Sariev  Yuri Podturkin Vitaly Nesis Nikolai Zelenski 

Temir Sariev

Minister, Ministry of Economy and Anti-Monopoly Policies of Kyrgyz Republic.

Yuri Podturkin

General Director, Federal Budgetary Organisation
The State Minerals Commission (GKZ)

Vitaly Nesis

CEO, Polymetal Int.

Nikolai Zelenski

CEO, Nordgold

Key Speakers at MINEX Forum 2012 (continuing…)

Sergey Vasiliev  Warwick Morley-Jepson Pekka Nurmi Denis Aleksandrov 

Sergey Vasiliev

CEO, GV Gold

Warwick Morley-Jepson

Regional Vice President Russia, Kinross Gold Corporation

Pekka Nurmi

Research Director, The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Denis Alexandrov

CEO, Auriant Mining AB

Key Speakers at MINEX Russia 2012 Forum (continuing ….)

Vasily Makarov  Ilya Okhtyrskiy Sergey Garmayev Andrey Chitalin 

Vasily Makarov

CEO, Pavlik Gold Mining Company

Ilya Okhtyrskiy

CEO, MBC Resources

Sergey Garmayev

Executive Director, Amur Gold Prospecting Company

Andrey Chitalin

Chief Geologist, Regionalnya Gornurudnaya Kompaniya

Call for Papers



Over 100 national and international companies and experts presented at the 7th MINEX Russia Forum in 2011 offering their views on current mining practices, projects and regulatory developments. The forum demonstrated strong indicators of industry’s rapid recovery from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis and illustrated new growth areas in Mining Exploration, Mining Efficiency and Mining finance.

MINEX Technical committee calls on National and International mining experts, analysts, investors, technological companies and government authorities to submit before 10 August 2012 abstracts to be considered for presentation at the forum. Please see below proposed themes for this year.

Technical committee will be happy to consider presentation papers which offer cutting edge or cost saving solutions applicable to prospecting, exploration and mining in Russia and globally.

Forum Themes

Mining and Mineral exploration trends and developments

  • Global mining economic and investment trends and their impact on further growth of Russian mining and mineral exploration.
  • Competition for Mineral Resources: supply/demand, regulation, taxation and investment.
  • Current role of state ownership of mineral resources in Russia. Forthcoming changes.
  • Russia’s strategies for Mineral Prospecting & Exploration.
  • Boosting mineral exploration in Russia – what needs to be done?
  • Exporting global mining and exploration experience to Russia. Can this be done and at what level?
  • Social license to operate and other important developments for creating sustainable mining.
  • Performance and benefits of social responsibility in the mining sector.

Update on Mining and mineral exploration projects in Russia and CIS

  • Gold, Platinum and Silver
  • Iron Ore
  • Cooper and non-ferrous metals
  • Uranium
  • Coal
  • Rare earths and metals

Innovative technologies and management systems

  • Mining efficiency: automated technological and management solutions
  • Meeting energy challenges in mining sector
  • Modernising mining and ore-processing enterprises: practical experiences
  • Development of Low Grade Gold mine projects
  • New technical solutions and tools for mining and geological modelling.
  • Health and safety in mining: hazard and risk factor prevention practical solutions
  • Mines Design and Planning
  • IT in Mine Engineering and Management
  • Drilling, Blasting and Excavation Operations
  • Resources and reserves reporting and economic modelling
  • Exploring in hazard and remote areas. Practical experiences.
  • Mining Equipment Selection and Automation
  • Geomechanics, Rock Mass Shift Management
  • Efficient Reclamation, Mine Closure and Mining Waste Disposal Methods
  • Domestic and international technologies and approaches of geological survey and mineral exploration.
  • Ecological Aspects of Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing

Management strategies

  • Foresight solutions and practices
  • Mining project cost management from project planning to construction.
  • Risk factoring and benchmarking.
  • Mining risks: corporate, environment, investment considerations
  • Advanced solutions for optimisation of costs and business processes
  • Adapting and implementing planning systems at mining and metallurgical enterprise
  • Best HR practices and challenges of training mining professionals.

Mining Finance

  • Future development trends in the mining capital markets
  • Financing mineral exploration projects in Russia and CIS – case studies
  • Mining finance solutions and strategies for start-up mining companies
  • Valuation of mineral resources – buying and selling side perspectives.
  • Preparing company for an international listing – practical considerations
  • Mining project and structured financing solutions.

Mining Investment

  • Mining in Russia – risks and rewards balance
  • M&A in the mining sector: new developments
  • Foreign acquisitions – the role and practical experiences of the Russian investors
  • The role of China’s demand for metals supply of finance in funding Russia’s mineral resources development.
  • Mining project selection criteria used by mining companies and investors
  • Mining data (projects, capex, opex, benchmarking, etc.) global management solutions

Submit Presentation Proposal


Speaker Form Speaker Guidelines

How to submit your speaker presentation proposal?

When proposing speaker presentation please note that we are unable to cover speaker’s travel expenses or sponsor research. Speakers, unless otherwise agreed, will be expected to pay entry fee should they wish to attend the forum or forum’s receptions. Exceptions must be consented by the Head of the Organising Committee prior to the forum.

If you are happy with these terms, please:

  1. Complete speaker registration form. Please note that abstract should be no longer than 1 000 words and include information about the author(s), contact details (tel, email), time required to deliver presentation and special technical requirements.
  2. Should you wish to attend the forum, please complete delegate registration form.
  3. Send completed forms before 10 August 2012 with supporting documentation to

What’s next?

If your paper presentation has been accepted by the MINEX Technical Committee, you will be expected to submit the following documentation prior to the forum:

  • Bio and Photo
  • Presentation slides in PDF format (to be included in the MINEX CD materials)
  • Handout notes in PDF format (to be included in the MINEX CD materials)
  • Presentation slides in PowerPoint format for on-screen presentation during the forum

Business Podium


Speaker Form Speaker Guidelines

Business Podiums

Organised in one of the smaller break-out rooms alongside mainstream forum sessions, Business podiums offer platform for presentations of mining projects to potential investors as well as innovative products and services offered to mining companies. Room reservations are handled on a first-come-first-booked basis.

“Open door” policy enables presenters to invite guests who are not registered for the main forum). Guests can receive visitor passes after pre-registration.

Frequently asked questions

What is the room set-up?

Business Podium sessions are held in one of the smaller break-out rooms alongside mainstream forum sessions. The room can hold up to 100 participants at one time. Please check the floor plan. The room is equipped with audio-visual presentation equipment suitable for organising Power Point presentations in English or Russian languages. Simultaneous translation, projector, screen, microphones and presentation PC are provided by the organisers. For more information please view photos of business podiums organised in 2011.

How long are the presentations?

In total maximum 30 minute slot can be reserved for one presentation. Typically, presenters allow 15-20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minute for questions.

Who are the audience?

Business Podiums are advertised in the main forum agenda and open to ALL MINEX forum delegates. Presenters must be aware that Business Podiums are “competing” for the attention with the mainstream sessions of the forum organised simultaneously. Forum organisers cannot guarantee audience at the Business Podiums which can vary from 10 to 100 attendees depending on the theme of the presentation. To increase attendance of the presentations we encourage presenters to invite to the presentation existing and potential customers who may have not registered for the main forum. Admission to the Business Podiums is Free. Guests can receive visitor passes after pre-registration on first-come-first-booked basis.

Who can present at Business Podium?

Presentation slots are reserved for exhibitors who have booked 4, 6, 8 sq. meter or larger exhibition booths at the forum. If the presentation room is available, delegates can book presentation slot when registering for the forum. The cost of participation in the forum on 3-4 October with presentation option at the Business Podium session is 1200 GBP per delegate. Or 480 GBP per 30 minute presentation slot.

How to book presentation at Business Podium?

Do you have any questions? Please contact:

Mr Arthur Poliakov

Head of MINEX Forum Organising Committee / Managing Director, Advantix Ltd
Tel: + 44 207 520 9341
Fax: + 44 207 520 9342
Mr David Pearce

Head of MINEX Russia 2012 Forum Technical Committee / General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
Tel: +7-495-692-0095; +7-495-692-0037
Fax: +7-495-692-2648